Compilation failed after imported AIA - AAPT execution failed

What a kodular nuisance, after overcoming so many eventualities, I get as a reward. compilation error.

  1. Project compiling without errors. (APK & AAB)
  2. Exported AIA
  3. Imported AIA
  4. Compilation failed

Files in ASSET: 35
Size Assets files: 4.62 MB
Asset external comps: 4.66 MB
Total Assets size: 9.28 MB
Proyect settings: Theme > Default


Refresh page once and try again.

Can you enlist the extension you are using


I already tried everything

everything was working fine until i re-imported the project.

Delete extensions one by one and then compile.

I captured the blocks and then imported a previous backup. add and edit the blocks according to the images and compile. I paid full attention to see where the problem was and I couldn’t find it.

Anyway I fixed it, maybe it was that it was not exported correctly.

thanks for your answer

It happened again, if I export the AIA and then import it, it no longer compiles, before exporting I tried the companion and this error appears.
The companion has camera and storage permission, within the AIA exported as I showed previously I do not have said REFLEX extension.

also delete the cache and data of the companion, uninstall it and reinstall

This happens when you delete an extension from project and tried to connect to companion, in this case u need to refresh Kodular page once and reconnect again, this error will not come again.

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Do this and Companion issue will be solved

That would be the first thing I would do, change the browser, delete the cache and temporary files, check the AIA file by file, check each JAR, everything and nothing solve it, it’s not the first time I’ve used kodular, it happened to me on other occasions and I know it’s usually a deleted extension, but this doesn’t seem to be the case.

My solution was to open the AIA manually and replace each Assets/external_comps folder with those from a backup and re-import the project. I don’t know why that extension affected others.

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