Compile error on YAIL compile APK BUILDER


Here is a great list of things to check on why a AI project may not build. Go through it and see if anything helps.

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How big is your aia file


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2 mb is the size

I have taken a quick look at these threads with similar error Search results for 'Failed to add /tmp' - Kodular Community

It can be related to

  • package name
  • files with diferent capitals
  • extensions
  • email if it has number in the beginning

And you could have done this yourself



Done not fixed. !

My AIA file size is… 2 mb
.there are not any extension… problem…
All blocks are correct…
I knew that… kodular has not ability to compile large apps

Save AIA to desktop. Reimport it as a new app. Try to compile again.

The system does a bunch of checks and reorganization when importing an AIA.

Done already nothing happens same error
Fix it

Did you try a new browser?

I have used Chrome

try Firefox

Many usually say so but their code is way off.

Up to 20 MB if I remember correctly.

Either you share your aia file so someone can take a look at it


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Used same error

Private AIA… Sorry bro…

PM it to myself or Boban, or someone else who offers. Otherwise you are going to have to figure it out yourself.


I can only wish you good luck then.



To whom may I trust !

It’s private and necessary app so

when you use 2 extension having same library you will face this error can you name which extensions you use

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Please do not mention the Staff, be patient

It is notorious that they are currently busy (maybe because of exams) and they are trying their best to be present in the community

Remember: They are constantly reading these topics.

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