Component To Image Extension not working?

i am trying to get a image from component .
so, i use COMPONENT_TO_IMAGE by @Jerin_Jacob extension.
it working fine in companion

here is my blocks.

blocks - 2020-11-04T165104.867

Try With Any Other Arrangement Like Vertical Arrangement Horizontal Arrangement

I Think Vertical Scroll Arrangement Wants To Screen And Image Don’t Scollabe

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not working…

You Should To Read It
And Make Sure You Component Should Visible

Permission, permission, permission as APK…

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i am trying to share the image using this block
component_method (5)

Extensions, already has all the permissions

BTW, @Boban which permissions i need to ask

my component is visible



Why not read the whole thread from the link above…

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i really didn’t focus on that but the problem is the permission.

i just set this permission WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE.
and now it’s working

thanks @boban and @Srrazmi


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