Conect two device online

Dear team I need your help I am currently developing a random chat app which will connect online players randomly by using firebase realtime data so which blocks I should use please suggest me hope you will respond me soon as possible thanks

What Have You Done till now @Navneet_Pal1

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I have successfully maked a chat app but i want to make a feature in which two device connect randomly when user want to do random chat with unknown person

@Navneet_Pal1 Make the project bucket of users and store the device ID and join then using Device I’d but as you are using firebase this will cost so much high for every second message sending use api or make your own hosting website

I didn’t care please tell me blocks using fire base realtime data base
Please i request

Ok just show what have you tried to join then i will edit your blocks

No i have not tried yet

You just tell me how to join two device using firebase

this kind of attitude is not tolerated by the Community… do your homework first dont come asking for blocks…

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OK @Navneet_Pal1 you have made a chat view or something else ?