How to connect two players or users in a game app

I am creating an app,
please anybody would tell me how to connect two players or users globally on internet like an game app
please help me!

you should use Firebase realtime database for online interaction between users. i think you have to talk about your game what you meant, what do you need

i am creating a snake and ladder game with so i need to connect two players or users so they will play game

firebase realtime database

could you please show me some block use for this,
or how to use block for this or any tutorial or any aia file, extention

if you search on youtube or community can find tutorials about firebase databse. after learning the firebase realtime database you will know how can you solve your problem, done your tasks. this way you will also learn Firebase which is very good service for all types of apps

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It would be great help for me.
I will contact you again if i need some information.
thanks again!

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I want to know that how can i connect players globally pps tell this is my first question

it isn’t a good idea to complete discussing in a topic from almost 1 year.Search first and if you didn’t found any thing start a new topic.
You can try this:

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