[Confirmed] Notifier TEAL accent color

The custom notifier uses only the TEAL color for the buttons, not the accent color (if you are using a light theme).

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Are you using the Companion to test the notifier?
If so, please post your results as tested on a compiled apk

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I apologize, I did not immediately understand how to attach a screenshot. Yes, I am testing the application on a smartphone with android 9

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It works fine for me, so I guess it’s a problem with your specific software. Can you share the details of your device ROM?

Tested; working for custom dialogues too for me.

Edit: Confirmed bug. Light theme indeed uses Teal instead of Accent Color.

I don’t think it works for custom dialogs last time I checked


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Tested on miui 10 and on pure android 9. Tell me, do you use custom dialogs? I noticed a bug with them. It is also interesting that the text input dialog does not use accent color completely (screenshot above).

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I did edit my post. Custom Dialogues on Light Theme do give that default AOSP teal colour. It’s a bug.


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