Notifer Custom dialogue Not working

i have used Notifier Custom Dialogue But Its Not Showing the dialogue

thats the blocks:

please help or its error only in companion ?’


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This is because all you do is create the dialog.
But you dont call the show method.

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:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: i did not see that show dialogue block

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Please read the docs and look at the blocks before posting here.

It is hard for us to maintain a community where people ask hundreds of silly questions.

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i find the docs about Listview image and text but i can’t find i think that was not updated with all newComponents

Even then its not showing

@Vishwas the documentation is not updated i have cross checked

If you want you can create the custom dialog on screen initialize.
The idea behind this new block is to create a complete custom dialog with other components.

Then when you want you can call “Show Custom Dialog”

Already doing the same :wink: not working

l will look later into it. I have current other things to do.
It is added on our bug list.

Okay But how much time?
i have completed my whole app and just left this one only…


I have no idea why it is not working for you.
Maybe because of this?!
This should be a string and no boolean^^

I have done following:


All I do now is open the app and then I can click anytime on the button and will see the dialog:

notifierdialog.aia (2,5 KB)

notifierdialog.apk (3,9 MB)


Have you used Live test or Exported Direct apk file :thinking:

Wheres the option to upload aia here

I test always as apk.

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and upload aia here? & Trying to use apk file

@Mika i have now even tried after exporting apk but even its not showing.

i had hide the arrangement i had to show and made it visible before showing the dialogue!


You dont need to hide the component which you want as dialog.
It must be visible.
Then the block removes it from the screen and shows it only again after you show the dialog

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@mika can i PM you my project aia file?

Yes but I dont know when I have time to look into it.