May be notifier have a problem

Hi there, it’s been 1 months since I published my app on Google Play. Now, I am trying to update the app and error comes!

★ What is happening?
I have two button on Screen3 (Screen1 & 2 are used as Splash & Sign up screen). When Button1 clicked, one notifier will be showing until a video ad loads.
When video ad loads, it will be shown & after Ad Rewared, open Screen4.

On Button2 click, the same process to do but the only difference is that it opens Screen5.

Please note: I used same Notifire on both button to show Notifications.

Now the Problem is either I click Button1 or Button2, it only opens Screen5.

★ What I tried?
After getting this error, I tried two different Notifier. But, the problem persists.

Old Versions are working perfectly. Problems occurred on current version.

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can you make an aia as small as possible that shows the effect?

Sure sir. Just a minute…

I have send the full aia of my app to private message. Please check…

You send me you complete aia. Looking at the size it is very big and a lot of blocks. My question was for you to make a small aia that shows the effect that you are seeing. This way we could look at the problem. I will see if i can load your aia.

Maybe also post your blocks.

Oops! Sorry for that. Please wait a few minute to send you a small aia that can reflect the issue.

I am in Boston now and using my Chromebook with only the beta version of the companion so i will not be able to test that.

I fly home tomorrow so maybe someone else can test the aia for you.

No problem sir. I am posting the aia publicly . Maybe someone can help. And, please try to check the aia when you will back home. I will be obliged …

AIA with same notifier for both button:-
Test01.aia (3.4 KB)

AIA with two different notifier for different button:-
Test01 (1).aia (3.4 KB)

Both AIA returns same error…

Has anyone tested the aia yet? Please help me fix the problem.

Yes, I can confirm that, it seems to be a bug.

As of now, it seems like so… I’m still waiting for an opinion from @Peter . Let see, if he could help.

@asimjib93 you got the solution or not?

No solution found…

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May i try the aia?

Sure … try it.

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UPDATE:- Hello @Peter I tried my best to fix this issue. Glad to say, I got a solution , but in a different way though! Notifier seem return bug whenever I try to add two video ads on those two button (1+1!) But, when I changed one video ad to interstitial , it’s working fine. :slightly_smiling_face:

But, all It means you can’t load two video ads on same scteen (Showing notifier)! New bug! :sweat_smile:

@asimjib93 It’s not the notifier that is the issue with it is the last Ad Rewared that fires only

Try with adding new button3, new Ad Rewared3 and a new screen and you will see that the last one fires


Yes, you’re right. Noticed it.