Connect to companion / companion down?

Connect to companion / companion down?

Trying from almost last half hour. Unable to connect. Not working for crome & firefox

It is because of rendezvous is offline I think for companion connection we have to wait for the kodular staff to fix it else you can keep building and use apk to test your project until rendezvous is turned online

Hello @Shailesh_Dhoot good news now
From end it looks that rendezvous is now Online

Now working fine for firefox but lagging in crome

Companion app is not opening on any device or emulator

Hi there !

I am trying hard to get Companion working. I can´t test my app anymore. It is extremily slow or simply doesn´t work. I have try to check my internet, my windows 11 etc, but, until now, I think the problem is with Companion.

Any help?