Kodular Companion not connecting

hi all,

I tried to connect to Kodular using the companion app but on Kodular creator screen, stay at this prompt and never connects to my companion app. Is there any issue with Kodular or only me? :thinking:

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came to online it seems


10 minutes ago it was impossible to compile the APK :kodular:

Already normal :grinning:

yes all compilers were off line, so again please be wait till all servers become normal…

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But I don’t know why servers where off-line any reason for off-line as I am little bit confused?

electricity is out :gear:

I don’t think that because kodular is hosted on google cloud so how can you tell that electricity is out?


I understand. it was a joke about electricity :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Please Tell I am seriously want to know as i have also seen that some system is also offline.

it is not working even today.

Again Offline :


oh well…

yes its again offline

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hip hip horray!

Use Firefox Browser, companion will connect.

How can this happen when Rendezvous Server is down @Aritra_Paul ? Magically :woman_mage:?

back online!!!

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