Consultation with copyright

Hello again community, I have a question. I have been thinking for an idea for an application for a while, I had come up with something like an application to comment on different types of things, however thanks to reading other questions I have realized that this was surely punished by copyright, since it would be putting movie titles, with a cartoon and a brief summary of them.
You could assure me if you would be violating copyright rules and if you could think of any other alteration, thanks in advance.
(sorry if there are errors, this comment is translated with google translator)

“I do not own any of the content ,All the image credits goes to original owners , If you are the owner mail us on [email protected] we will remove them as soon as possible .”

What if Google finds that content copyrighted? Will they search for an email address to mail you?

I do not understand what your answers have to do with my question, maybe it was not explained well.
I want to know if putting movie titles and images of them is illegal.
Thank you.

Yes it is.