Controlling external device over Telnet (or similar)


I’ve searched the community and have tried various plugins (Shell, TCP, UDP) but I’m having real trouble doing something that should be incredibly simple…

I want to control an external screen (in this example, a Sharp PN-Y326).
Normal control is over RS232, but the screen can also receive those same commands over the network via Telnet.

From a computer, I can Telnet to the screen, then send (for example) “POWR0001” to turn the screen on / “POWR0000” for off / etc.

I’m having real trouble doing the same from Kodular.

I’ve tried sending exactly the same command/s using Andre Casto’s TCP extension, but I don’t seem to be able to even get a connection…

Any suggestions for how I might be able to send TCP packets to external devices?