How to make a Web Browser For Android TV

I was creating a Web Browser For Android TV. And as all of you guys know android TVs don’t have any touch screen. So, we have to control the whole thing with just remote.
This is the basic structure of an Android TV Remote

In this picture, we can see that there are not so many buttons. All the operations will happen depending only on 6 buttons: UP, DOWN, SELECT/OK, LEFT, RIGHT, And BACK is unusual in this case.

There can be a cursor on the web viewer. And the location of that cursor will be controlled by the remote. Like if we press “UP” the cursor will also go up and if we press down, it will go down.

Like this is an simple search result and this will load in Web Viewer. And user can move the cursor with remote and select a search result by pressing “OK/Select”.

Is this possible with Kodular? If yes then how?

I also searched the community and got this

But this didn’t helped me.

Someone please help…

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When I searched for “Android TV with kodular” I get 16 topics about attempts to create an App for
Android TV. You should study them all and then try something yourself.
You can after that post your results here,so it would help the community!


I also want such manual, because I want to make apps for Android tv as it has very small variety of apps


i need the same help i did not found anything helpful can you please upload an aix or aia file if you accomplished it, thanks