How to add mouse pointer in my app?

I really love kodular and it’s community. I really like it that everyone’s questions are answered with the same value and respect. I really have a lot of respect to them in kodular community who are always kind in helping beginners or professionals in creating their apps. I am an beginner too.
I am creating a browser app for Android TV in kodular. So, I must have something like mouse pointer that will be controlled with the remote. So, Can anyone tell me how to do this?
So, please help me if it is possible to make in kodular.
And obviously I :heart: kodular.

hint:use canvas as background or extension

Welcome and thank you for your kind words.


As I already said, I am really new to kodular. So, Don’t mind but can you please describe it in detail? And how can I add the mouse pointer in my app.
But I am really grateful to you. And thanks a ton.

Most welcome.

You can use Joystick Extension


Hmm…but you for doing this

Remote connection between device and TV

There are only 2 extension are available to share data between 2 device

This is paid one :point_up:t2: and free one is this :point_down:

A lot of thanks and respect to you​:blush:

Thanks a ton for your help.

If your problem got solved then mark as solution, It helps others.

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Thanks, but how can I do that?

Remote connection between 2 device
I also never done this but the extension :point_down:

Doesn’t provide an example blocks so try it yourself :slightly_smiling_face: and tell me also :joy:

Ok, I will try my best to do that​:+1: