Launch new extension P2P for WiFi and Direct Internet support IP static and Dynamic, NAT, routers, etc

We launched the OpenQbitP2PwithSSH extension, this extension is to create P2P communications through WiFi or Internet directly, using the “Tor” network and synchronization and replication of Syncthing data.

Supports NAT, routers, automatic configuration of communication services, detection of dynamic IP change on the internet .

Example sqlite database replication or any type of files or data (P2P) between mobile phones, tablets, PCs, servers, etc.

The user manual or guide of how to use the extension and installation of communication network step by step.

The extension and the User Manual (Spanish and English) can be found at (GitHub):

We are working on the user manuals in language (Dutch, German, French, Russian, Japanese, Chinese and Portuguese).



Thnx Brotherr for your contribution :heart:

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Wow! This is indeed a powerful extension …

Superb! Work…


Nice, a Powerful Extension :heart_eyes:

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Amazing! Work @memopolis it should be great if you make a guide on it.


I really didn’t understand yet.can we create shareit like app with it?



The guide or user manual (Spanish and English) is on the following github site:

In this manual, describe step by step how to install everything on your mobile phone and the detailed use of each block of the extension.

The entire project is on GitHub (Extension and User Manual or guide.)


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In the guide or user manual, it describes how it works at a technical level and includes the places where you can refer to how the P2P technology of Syncthing and the Tor network was used.


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1.- We have just uploaded an update in the guide or user manual 1.01, the use of blocks for the “Tor” network had not been included.

2.- Update the use torsocks command line installation, had not been included.

Sorry, an oversight for not sleeping the necessary hours :)…Ready.


how to download this extension?

From their GitHub


Click here :point_down:

Can I Send Files Through This Extension

Yeah, you can. I never tried it but by seeing the description and blocks, it can be used to share files.

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How . Any Tutorial or aia


Hello thanks for this extension​:slightly_smiling_face:, but please can you make a sample .aia ? So i can learn from that how to use this . Thank you
(I’ve read the manual, but it’s too difficult for me to understand)