FileSharing app firebase

Hello :star_struck:
I want to make an file sharing app with firebase storage, does anyone have an idea how to do it?
My idea is that you are picking the file (e.g png) and its uploading it and sending to the other user via one time name/code

Please give more information…


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Have you tried to make anything in this project yet…

I have not tried it yet but i guess this should work for you…

See if this could work for you…
Try to search community before creating a topic because there are many similar topics…

yes, but all of then failed

Yes I have created Same app but i have used hosting not firebase

When file uploaded user get file sharing code like 45225/4
File sharing code saved in Sender account they can delete anytime and file on hosting also get deleted.
Files supported JPG, JPEG,PNG, PDF,APK, ETC
AND MORE COMING SOON. If you need any help or aia DM me.

(Due to my hosting problem i cant share app right now.)

can you share the .aia file without the histing adress? thats will be super helpful :heart_eyes: