Image download from firebase storage

I want get image form firebase storage and show in application

In screen1 activities.
First use image picker for image pick and then select category from spinner ( Means create folder and sub-folder for Images in firebase storage ) than click image upload button.

In screen2 activities.
First select category from spinner ( for find image in firebase storage ) than click download image button (show image in screen2)

This is AIA filepic.aia (39.8 KB)

Issue is image is not showing in screen2
Plz solve my issue I need ur help.
Correct my AIA file blocks plz
I’m waiting

Show your blocks,

Have u used firebase db to call image url?

I sent AIA file plz use it.
And send me correct AIA plz

You already have created a similar post why are you creating similar posts… I told you to have patience if you are not getting your answers you need to wait rather than creating the same topic again and also I mentioned in your Earlier topic that just show your block no one is that free to check the mistake in your aia file and do your work

Just sending aia will not solve your issue.

Everyone not have enough time to upload the aia, understand your project and make corrections.

So you have to provide information, and make corrections yourself.

This is the best way to learn app development and to build your logic.

We are always here when you stuck anywhere.

This is application block.
Screen1 blocks

Screen2 blocks

Please solve this issu and send me correct AIA file

I did feel that.
I can’t understood to u what is my issue.
That’s why I again post it.
Because I want explain properly my issue.
I need solution plz I’m waiting a lot times
Thank you

Any one is here who will help me ?

I’m deleting this post.
And I Will again as soon as repeat this issue by post
Kodular team not understand feeling
My question is correct.
But team response is bad


For uploading files, its ok to use firebase storage but for getting them in your app you have to store file URL in firebase db and call those url when needed in your app.

Yes u r saying right.
When I call firebase DB
…if I’m uploading image without create any folder.
So url is getting and image is showing.
If I’m uploading image with create folder and sub-folder so URL is getting but image is not showing.

I must need create folder and sub-folder in firebase storage than upload image

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Pls do not spam.

Give me any method get URL and show image

First you have to check whether your file URL is getting or not.

For that, First take a label and set label text to get download url.

URL is getting but image is not showing

Set image height width to automatic

Height width is perfect
When I’m uploading image in firebase storage without create any folder so,
URL is getting and image is shwing

I think when I’m using folder and sub folder. It’s creating issue. And url is changing also