Firebase storage problems

why is Kodular community not adding my post.
I have a lot problem but not any one help of my

Which post… Please post link here.

In firebase storage.
I want upload and than show image in next screen of application.
I want create folder and sub-folder than save image in firebase sotrage.
So what should my get file name path.
Any one send me any example plz
I must need it I’m trying it from1 weak

Solve my this issue.
This block is working. Means image showing.

But this block is not working means image is not showing.

I think get file name path is incorrect What should get file name path plz explain and help me
I’m waiting ur answer

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You can see these basic tutorials for calling and your objects stored in the cloud


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I’m talking about firebase storage (store - Image and videos)
Not firbase Database ( store - text)

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How can solve this issu
I need ur help

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I’m suffering from 1 week
Send me any example
I request plz

Don’t Post comments again & again…
Of someone want to you he/she will help you…

Please have patience…

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I’m waiting

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It is a very silly error you are picking images from image picker and uploading the image of image1 component ?? Also I advise you to change your filename because for every image even if it’s not jpeg it will store it as .jpeg

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I want create this block.
In first screen
I want upload picture following path
Example - My picture - 1st folder
Flowers pic - sub folder
Rose pic - sub folder
After I want upload rose picture in this folder.

2nd screen
And then same I want download this rose pic (rose picture Only view in application).
Can u create this block for me
Send me AIA I must need it.
Plz I’m waiting

In this method
Use firebase storage extension.

No one is going to create your project, you need to create it yourself, you definitely can state your problems and members are here to help you

Could you state it more clearly, I didn’t understand what you mean to say

Did u understood my issue.
If yes so I will send u my AIA file