Firebase Storagee. download file not working again

Hi all
Earlier I had a problem which was solved. Now there is a new problem with the same component.
Problem component: Firebase storage1.downloadfile
History: I had used this firebase storage in one of my apps and I am able to upload and download pictures correctly in that app and display it.

Problem: I am creating another app which requires the same functionality in one of the screen. I added this app in the firebase console and created the rules. Then downloaded the json file and uploaded in assets in my app. I am able to upload images to firebase through this app but not able to download them. I just want to download the same file which i am downloading but not able to do that. the error says “An unknown error occured, please check the HTTP result code and inner exception for server response.”

I tried the same process which worked in the previous app and repeated the whole thing 3 times till now by deleting every file from kodular and my computer and again doing it from scratch, but i get the same error.
This image is from the old app . on the left is the upload block and on left is the download block. I provided a suitable folder name as suggested by a kodular user. This app works fine.
This is form the new app and gives the above error. I give the path in the textbox and it just needs to fetchthe image. I have also tried this textbox thing in the old app and that is working so no problem with textbox.

I guess your block is wrong, how can u upload an image if your path is a string, even you type it for calling it to a local like download/image.png, it will not work (i guess) and second, your tag… dont leave empty in “what is tag is empty” put something parachute tag there, and in asking returning a URL use another way of method

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The first pic is from the first app where everything works fine. The second pic is from the second app.
The “upload path” is the folder path of my firebase console. So that is correct. Because everything works fine with my first app. Even in the second app I am able to upload images. Only problem is that I am not able to download those images back in my second app.
Also in the second pic you can see a text box, I type the folder path there and it works in the first app so even that method is correct.
For my first app(first pic in my question) for once I thought that maybe I am fetching the images from my phone memory, so I deleted the images from my phone and I was able to download again. Also the number of requests on firebase console is incrementing and the number of failed requests or errors on firebase is zero.

Can anyone tell me where can i find the code for the “firebase storage1” component. Maybe there is a bug in it.

I cant tell, are u using the firebase storage of kodular component or extension?

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It’s a kodular component. I don’t want to use any third-party extension.
Really stuck with this small part​:unamused::unamused:

Hi guys

I just borrowed a samsung phone and tried this app and it worked fine. I guess the problem was in my phone.
The issue is resolved so i will mark it as a solution. But still if it doesn’t work in my phone it will somehow create problems in the future.
Any suggestions are welcome on how to overcome this.

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