Firebase storage1 .downloadfile not working

Hi all
I am using “firebase storage1” component in kodular for the first time. I guess its new. I particularly want to upload and download images from firebase storage. Currently i am able to upload images to firebase.
Problem: Firebase storage1 .downloadfile
This component is not working correctly. image
you can see the “firebase storage.upload file” component through which i am able to upload the image.
beside that you can see “firebase storage. download file” where i am providing the image name as specified in firebase console. I am not able to understand what to provide in the "to folder blank. I tried

  1. putting a random name there so it creates a new folder in my phone, but didn’t work.
  2. putting the name of an existing folder from my phone, didn’t worked.
  3. copy and pasting the complete path of a folder from my phone internal memory but didn’t worked.
    the message respone in all 3 cases is “could not create a folder to store the download”.
    No documentation is provided for this component as i tried a lot to search.
    I have seen people using a different extension for uploading and downloading images from firebase but i don’t want to use that because that is not an official extension and may be dropped sometime in future. I would prefer using the official components provided in kodular.

Have you tried using the “downloadUrl” (you get this when you upload) for “file” and a simple path the /mnt/sdcard/ ?

Hi @kinetic_boi Welcome to Kodular community
It is like a destination or from where you want to download/save file.

/storage/emulated/0/ to store file in external storage directory if available else in internal storage.

Hi vknow360
This path worked for me, but i dont understand it clearly. Can you please elaborate or provide any links where i can learn more about it.

Hi TImAi2 i dont want to use the url method because i need to save the url in a tinydb and i have a lot of images to upload. I will be uploading many images everyday and downloading only a few. The image name will be in a particular logic so i can generate the image name anytime and download whenever i want without using much space by creating a tinyDB or a firebase database.
Thanks for your reply

It is good that it worked.

Well just read documentation of ‘File’ component…:smile:

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