Photo storage

is there a way to download the photos from firebaseStorage to a specific folder or DB that i can reach it offline then take these photos to the app without needing the internet every time i open the app to download the photos !!!
because every time i open the app it’s downloading the photos and makes the app freezes for a lot of seconds and sometimes crashes !!!
please help ???

if you want after the download photo show in app in all condition with and without internet then after download set tiny dibi value save or any thing then move downloaded file to somewhere else then view as a list

how could i do that please !!

How you download file in your app and which block u use for this

if you give me aia then i can help better i dont need full aia need only aia with firebase storage uri

ok i am doing a new one and giving it to you
thank you


i made if i give a certain value to firebase data base == saveDB
then get the files names
else do no thing

and here

when firebaseStorage.Response i tried to make it downloading the images into tinyDB
then when i click on the button and change the state of firebase database to any thing instead of “saveDB” as i explained above
i want to appear the image which saved in tinyDB not the firebaseStorage to work even offline

but when i did that and tried it
when i press the button it’s still needing the internet to download the photo
Now i want to when i press the button just the images appear without internet just from tinyDB Please !!
and thank you a lottest.aia (282.1 KB)

bro your project not opening in makeroid when i try open your project my another project open and show your blocks

any instructions can i do !?
or tell me what to do and i am trying !

brother i found solution of your problem but you tel me one thing, how many photos you want to download and save so later it shoow without internet

is there a max value !!
or i can save as i want !
for your Question i want to save 50 for example

no max value but you need to set diffrent name for all and if you want change picture direct from firebase then not work

what shall i do now ?

i give you instructions and screenshot wait 5 minute

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It’s been 43 minutes since you wrote this message and you said you were going to send instructions and screenshots in 5 minutes :joy:

sorry bro i start makin demo aia for this

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Brother Check This Full Tutorial.