Kodular save image from Firebase to tinydb permanently

Hi everyone , after successfully login I save user profile picture to tinydb. I use image utilities to load image.

But after closing and reopen the app image loading from internet, it gets time. If internet connection off profile picture not showing,

I want the image permanently save to tinydb.
Internet on or off image should show every time.

Pls help me.

Remember, since TinyDB is a local storage, data from TinyDB will removed, if user clear app data or uninstall and reinstall the app. In that case, you’ve to store the value in TinyDB again.

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After downlod image and then U must convert image to imge64 then save tinydibi

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Pls someone help me after firebase login successfully how do i store user profile picture then it shows in profile page without internet.

Pls give me block

You are given advice already. Convert the image to Base 64 then store it.

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I tried but i failed
I am new
Pls give me block

  1. After successfully login then how to convert “profile picture” to base64.

Which block i use here to store, pls send me picture.

2 ) Then I want to store it in Tinydb.

Which block i use here, pls send me picture.

  1. when i click on profile page, image should show( without internet) with using tinydb get value.

Which block i use here, pls send me picture.

Pls help me, pls send me block picture.

you must save to internal memory first and then take that link meomry internal your picture to image64

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Post your blocks so that we could help you. If you just say it failed we don’t know what issues you are facing.

Use the TinyDB.StoreValue to store the encoding. Then display the image as base 64 using an extension.

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