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i want to make a profile screen and I have 90% completed it but I cannot make the custom profile picture, where I can pick a image from gallery and store it to firebase, also want to show that image to that particular user. please help me with screenshot and the blocks

Search in community, this has been discussed before

no it has not discussed
if you know please tell

No ?
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I found leoprofileview but i want to make profile picture for use how to do that please anyone help me with blocks

1- do you already know what you need?
2- researched which blocks will be able to do what you want?
3- tested these blocks?
4- did any mistakes occur when trying?


wait for the blocks ready … soon they will come.

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if you are posting the path of image directly to firebase then it will not work first use cloudinary to get the url of the image and post the url

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