Image is not Loading From Firebase Authentication profile picture Url

One Screen 1 when Authentication is sucessful the url is saved in tinydb and when home screen initialize I set Image picture to Url But the image is is not Loading.
Please help me to solve it.

Blocks :

Screen 1 Blocks :

Home screen : This is on Screen Initialize Blocks

Note :

Using or not using this block does not affect the O/P

These all blocks are present on screen1?

Try using seperate tiny db for storing info and log data.

(Internet connection is required to load image)

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Looks like these are different screens, then how you are using tiny db get value on home screen.

You should use open another screen with start value block on screen1 and on home screen use get start value.



Did you provide a place to upload image when the user is registering?

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He is trying to call users Google profile image, when user login with Google.

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Ok, he is calling the data when screen initialize, but getting the data after the screen must have opened, he have to get data before storing it.

Hi @The_K_Studio and @themaayur
you are storing image in tinydb and you can only store value like text,number,boolean in tinydb.

I know about it.

I would like to tell you, when user login with google using firebase authentication, then the “get profile picture” value is not a image, actually it is url of the user image.

And we can store url in tiny db as it is a text. :laughing:


I know that thanks

Ok I will try this one.

Btw after authentication is successful it does not directly goes to another screen, when a row is created in airtable after authentication Sucessful then another screen is opened.

So I stored the value in variable and then used it as a start value to pass vale to another screen.

Their is a error occurred

It means the string is empty.
But how ?

Use open another screen with start value block in when login success.

And Change start value by making a list and select name, email, image.

I have done the same here.

I mean when login success.

Like this


But when login sucess I am storing the name and email value in airtable. After then open another screen.

You can also do it when login success.

Do like this.

When screen initialize
First store value
Then open another screen

This will store value as well as open another screen.


You can also store value from home screen by getting start value.

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Tried this one then also showing same error.
When I was storing value in tindydb atleast it was showing the error.
Do you have any existing projects which uses firebase authentication.

Yes i have one working project, i have done same as i explained and working fine.

Here are my blocks



Then I can’t understand why it’s not working in mine :disappointed:

Pm your sample aia, i will check whats wrong with this.