Runtime Error : Given String is empty or null

How to fix this error ?
I had created this app with kodular and firebase.
In kodular I had given block when clicked on sign in with google to open google but it;s showing this error.
Please someone help me by fixing this.

am having exact same problem somebod help please.

Show the blocks then please.

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here are the blocks @cian @Mr.artist

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Is google Authentication Enabled in the firebase console?
And you are sure you have the json installed properly
And you are logged in with google on the device?

@cian Yes I have enabled Google Authentication In firebase.

Yes i properly uploaded Json to assets of the app.

Yes am logged in with google account on my phone.

Still it gives me error, I watched tutorials on YouTube did the exact same thing they did, their app worked but mine doesn’t do well.

Can you send me that tutorial. Let me have a quick peak. I have to figure out some Firebase Auth stuff now myself, so I dont mind spending the time. here is that video link @cian it is not English though, you can understand its steps.
Thanks for the time

I am going to be a while getting to this today. I am squishing a few other bugs right now.

Please be patient.

And yes, I watch the Hindi/Spanish videos all the time. While I understand Spanish a little, the process is usually clear. Thank you to the video makers.

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Yes sure, any help would be useful, take your time, thank you so much :blush:


hey @cian have you got some solution ??

Same problem here: “Given string is empty or null” error

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The string ‘‘get name’’ is empty or does’nt have any correct value you must check it and other blocks with empty or null strings, blocks with no or incorrect value hope it helps :wink::wink::wink:

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@Mr.artist i removed everything just implemented on screen initialise _ call fbauth. google sign in, no other blocks still it gives same error, it is working on live tests :neutral_face::neutral_face:

can you share block image

Estoy teniendo el mismo problema ¡Ayuda!

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@Mr.artist I extracted the apk and saw there was no json file in the assests folder :neutral_face: but i properly uploaded it to assets of the app in kodular, is it the issue ?? many users are facing the same thing

nothing like this
I had checked and uploaded it’s json file myself

What I see is that you open screen2 with start value get name . Are you sure get value variable is non empty bcz your app show empty or null string error

If you face the same problem are you too sure that you declare the variable before calling it in start value of screen???