Firebase Authentication : Google Sign-In Error

I was trying to integrate Google Sign-in System to my app using Firebase Authentication component.

here’s what i did.

uploaded google services json file to assets,
also added fingerprint keystore to firebase
configured firebased properly

did simple coding just to run and test,

but when i compile apk it shows, “Given string is empty or null” END APPLICATION
, though it works on live test.

where i went wrong ?


Is your package name correct?

Export your app and use

yes i checked but still can u tell how to dobule check it,
update : yes i checked, package name is correct, because sign up & sign in with email is working fine.

Try using firebase authentication login success block.

Please tell me the process

process of what ? @sanjay5_329

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If you want to know how to use firebase authentication then go the link given below.

Use my advice:- First try yourself and then if you stuck then show what you tried and be polite.
You should read this:

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I have followed every single step of the post that you have provided, also integrated the SHA1 key still when I run the apk on phone it says it is an empty string

Same problem here: “Given string is empty or null” error

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When i saved the .apk in my computer, I opened it with the Winrar, and I could see that the assets folder does not have the google-services.json file inside the folder!
That is normal?

If not, how to solved it?

The .aia file has the google-services.json inside!
Also, the google-services.json file appears in the console assets screen.

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yaa, i also uploaded json file but it is not compilling with the apk. if someone from @KodularCreator is watching please resolve this

Same Problem :3

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@a5artilary i know its annoying but nobody has come up with a solution yet

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Can someone verify whether this works?

How do we test this ?

Check the presence of

"api_key": [
          "current_key": "validity-key-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

in google-services.json file.

@pavi2410 YES it is there in json file now ??? I mean how do we check it is correct or not ? I have tried so many times, on different projects

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Yeah :frowning: . maybe @The_Developer_2.0 can help.

What is the key? Is that web api of firebase project or different one?