How to save image that loaded from internet...?

Hello Kodular creators.
I hope you are all well.
I need your help. now I have created sticky news at the top of my app. In sticky news, I have loaded the image with image utilities by URL and I have created 5 horizontal arrangements for the images after 5 seconds the horizontal arrangement changed to another arrangement to show the next image. when the user goes to another screen of the app when it comes back to the home screen the image load again. and again take up to 5 seconds to load all image by URL. now I want when the user opens the app for the first time the images would be loaded from the internet the images shows in horizontal Arrangement.
when the user goes to another screen and goes back to the home screen then I want that the image cannot load from the internet it can use the loaded image. For this task, I used Tiny DB to save images and get them from Tiny DB again but it not works. So, I have requested you to please give me a solution to save images after loading from the internet and I would use them later.
I am waiting for your response.

It means you have not set blocks properly. Actually you must design like,

When Screen initi
Call data from tinydb with specific tag,
If value found nothing ,
then call or set image by url
Else call or set image from tinydb

That’s all

Can tiny DB store imgages…?

Path or image url only

After calling image by url , save the url in tinydb

Or show us blocks let me suggest you

Can u share us blocks

To save images after loading from the internet and use them later in Kodular, you can use the TinyDB component. However, you reported that have already tried using TinyDB but it did not work. It is unclear what went wrong with implementation. One possible solution is to use the Image component instead of the Image Utilities component to load the images from the internet. Then, you can save the images to TinyDB using the “Store Value” block and retrieve them later using the “Get Value” block. To prevent the images from being loaded again when the user returns to the home screen, you can use a variable to keep track of whether the images have already been loaded. If the variable is true, you can load the images from TinyDB instead of the internet. If the variable is false, you can load the images from the internet and save them to TinyDB for later use.

then if i want to load new images then what tinydb load new images or update automatically

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