How to make simple invoice making app?

Hello… How to make simple invoice making app with PDF preview, sharable??

For pdf preview use activity starter

and for sharable use either sharing component or

It OK but how to live add item in PDF format invoice

Explain more… For adding items in pdf you need to make your custom layout and using layout to pdf extension make it pdf

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I want to make like this:

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So similar to what I mentioned you need to create your own layout and convert to pdf to make your invoice

If you are going to ask “Hi, How do I make an app?” that means you don’t know the basics of how to start an app.
No one here (unless you pay) will give you a full tutorial on how to make an app.
Please separate what your app will do in small steps or tasks, and ask specifically how to do a task that you don’t know or you can’t figure out how to do.


HERE is ur answer… U need to check my post