Convert a AIA from appybuilder

Is there a way to convert a AIA from Appybuilder to an AIA for Kodular??

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Hi @javanrijsbergen. Welcome to the Community!

You should be able to directly import your AppyBuilder AIAs into Kodular, except for a few components which may cause compatibility issues. I suggest you try importing your AIA to Kodular and get back to us here if there was an error importing the project.

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Welcome, you have to remove admob and spacer component from your app or any extra components you are using in app, then import to Kodular

We are working on migrating AppyBuilder components. Thanks for your patience.


I have been trying to import the aia but after 24 hours of trying I still keep on getting this screen.

Can you pm me your aia?

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PM send with AIA file

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@javanrijsbergen As I said, we are migrating and yes, currently, if it can’t import, you’ll see the mentioned screen and it will stay there

I see you have a lot of extensions in use. A number of them have a Kodular alternative. So they may conflict with each other.

I removed all your spacers and the kitchensink component. But that was not enough.

You have a lot of images in your app that are much to big. You should try smaller ones.

You have also used other blocks like decoration and a lot of screens and a lot of blocks in every screen.

This is a hard one. I didn’t yet succeed to import it. And i don’t know if i will succeed.


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Bedankt voor het kijken in ieder geval

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Sorry Its says thanks for looking at my file


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