Convert WhatsApp file to (aia)

Is it useful to convert the WhatsApp file (apk) to (aia) and upload it to kodular … The purpose of that is to open WhatsApp inside the designed application.
The same is true for browsers

:roll_eyes: What are you saying

Do you mean that you wants to convert whatsapp app to aia so that you whatsapp will also run in your app.

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This is exactly what I mean

haha :joy:

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And Answer is No, It’s not possible.


Not possible.

Our community has solution to every query I guess :point_down:



It is Impossible Then All Will Breach WhatsApp Data and All will be Billionaire by Recompiling the data of any App

One Way

  1. Open The Apk in Phone
  2. See the UI/UX carefully
  3. Replicate it
  4. Add Similar Functionality As Same As WhatsApp Has
  5. Your are done



One more way

  • Take a Webvier Component
  • Set Height and Width to Fill Parent
  • Make Title Invisible
  • Set home url as

This is similar to your other thread.

Double posting isn’t allowed.

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One more Way

Signal is similar To WhatsApp better than WhatsApp

Signal is Opensource for android Studio

You can See the source using Android Studio
Not Via App inventor Distros

Even Signal is The most Securest Chatting app than Whatsapp

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