Copy and Rename Files

I’ve searched and read everything I can on how to simply copy a file from one folder to another in Kodular. I was able to do this in AppyBuilder like this:


In Kodular, I’ve tried the File utility and TaifunFile utility. I’ve tried the suggestions:

But I can’t seem to get the .jpg to copy and rename the files to any other folder. The files I’m trying to copy are .jpg files from the camera. I can see the files, example:

But I’m unable to copy and rename that .jpg in either the companion or apk. I’m more interested in this working with the apk.

Anyone have any ideas? This should be fairly easy to do. Am I missing something?



from here:

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Try this:

That worked! Thank you very much.
I thought I had tried everything, but you found the solution.

Thanks again!!

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