Copy from other project

As the project becomes big, the server slows down in compiling. Just to make my work fast I want some part of the project to be made as other project. When the new project is successful then all arrangements of the screen can be copied to the main project.

Is this thing possible anyhow?
We can have multiple people working on same project at a same time then.

You can work on different screens and then use export/import ais in main project.

Thanks for reply

I generally use switching arrangements rather then selecting screens because in the beginning someone gave me this idea as screen shifting is more time consuming. It is like so ?

Any advantages and disadvantages of screen shifts to arrangements shifts in project

Working with “virtual screens” is always better. Since you can not copy design from one project to another what you can do is replicate part of design in another project and then when ready you use [Chrome Extension] AI2Helper - download all blocks seperately and remove all orphan blocks with one click - General Discussion - MIT App Inventor Community to download all blocks and upload then to main project