Copy Non-Visible Component

How are we able to copy a Non-Visible component in Kodular?, for like example, this arrangement visibility to false, how am I be able to copy that component without making it visible?, Im so lazy to make them visible and invisible

There is an “eye” icon at corner
click to it to see invisible components

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even if it was a Firebase Database Component?

no. you cant see that components with that button

is there any way to copy a invisible component?

it’s hard to copy and paste api keys for 8 different screens and 12 components

I think no…

Oof, I hope they will add that feature in the future updates, it saves time

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If there’s like only a couple components you need to copy I would just open a notepad on computer, copy paste needed information and add components, then add the data from notepad. That’s how I do it.

Else you could try to see if it’s possible to just export aia, open source code and copy it there in source code, then save and import aia again to projects. I have no idea if it’s possible with those components, but sure you can try.