How to copy&paste : components with blocks

i tried to copy&paste arrangement including button components. also using blocks about these.

at AI2, if i copy&paste the arrangement in same screen, the block also pasted together.
but its not working here…
i have to make lot of components and connect each other but too lazy and boring to do it :frowning:
can i…?

Here also will work…

We also have did copy paste and no problem. I have did it in the same screen as well as screen to screen copy paste and it works well.

So redo your work or shows us some screen recorder that it is not working for you…

i wanted to pasted with block together but doesnt work

Yes it doesn’t work in Kodular. Here you copy-paste components only in designer view. Blocks do not automatically get copied

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this is in the case of ai2… but…


What is this?? Where are you using copy paste?? Copy paste is possible only in designer part, do you think this is ms office like?? You have not handled properly it seems

@Still-learning as op said in MIT App Inventor code is copied automatically when a component is copied. Different builders, different solutions.

From his both video, i couldnt see any copy paste in both platform, only clicking i see, so i …

Anyway let it be

You are so rude.
and as he understood, theres all what i wanted to show in video.

and this also. i was asking “also possible in kodular?”

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