Copy screen issue

Hello every one,
Today an issue happened to me while copying screens…( Also that happens while exporting and re importing )

What’s the problem?

The problem that whenever i try to copy a screen.Every component name, property text,variable name,etc… that contains the screen name changes to the new screen name…


Here i have a screen called Test…it have a label that is text its “that’s a Test label”…And another label its text is “Test”…Also it have a two variables when called test and one called Test2 one have a dictionary and one have a list…They both contains the word Test:

Now when i try to copy the screen with the name hello every thing changes :man_shrugging:

Any word test in the screen became hello!

My browser

I have the latest version of chrome which is Version 84.0.4147.125 (Official Build) (64-bit)
I didn’t set the category to #feedback:bugs as it’s not confirmed yet…May be i’m not right…
Also i searched every where but i didn’t find anything :man_shrugging:
it looks like it replaces all the occurrence of the screen name…
Mohammed Tamer

This happens many times in builder
Retry to copy or referred this topic

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But i don’t have any problems in copying screen @Yash_Agarwal_376 …The screen i copying successfully but this problem explained in the posts occurres…( the changing of the text that contains the screen name to the new screen name)

What do you want to say sorry but I can’t understand your problem

i think you haven’t read my topic carefully…I don’t have an issue while exporting screens like a server error or something like that…I have an error after exporting screens which is

Look here maybe it helps !

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What I’m aware of, this has been like that since it was launched, to avoid this, name your your screens, components properly and uniquely…

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I use that feature in a constructive way earlier but today it’s become a destructive for my app :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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I know that this is the solution…But may be some time i have a screen its name history…I’ll need to have the word history in any place in this screen…May be not in a component name but in a label text…

Naming conventions

Any way i think i’ll do something like that…Thanks @Boban :grin:

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