Could i make labels in any arragement unclickable?

I wanted to make an effect like the above so I’ve spent a lot of time to search for it, but it seems impossible to me to make it using kodular.

The problem is when putting a label and a button(or any kind of interactive component) on an arrangement and click it on the part of the label, the click event of arrangement won’t work

If using a cardview checked with the option of full clickable, the button won’t be able to click. I also know that it’s possible to make the button work with cardview’s click event, but what i really want to do is to make both seperately work, arrangement’s click with labels and buttons.

Is there anyone who can solve this?

Anyway, thank you for reading my post
hope you all have a good day^^

i dont think the above method is not possible. Only logic plays role. Is this your app? What you want in your app just post it along with what you have tried, then only people can solve it easily

Hello @wo_s,Welcome to Kodular Community.

Coming to your query, if all that you want is to be able to click on label and arrangement separately then it is pretty simple.
Just make both the component clickable and then code the same procedure under the click events of both
For example,
When Label. Click —> Open another screen
And same thing for arrangement click
When Horizontal Arrangement. Click —> Open another screen

Here :point_down: is the video of the same