Alignment and arrangments not working

Hi, I am new to Kodular but I understand how it works.
I am testing all the functions of Kodular and it seems to have a bug in it.
Whenever I set alignment of any element (Arrangements or Buttons or whatever), it doesn’t work.

Please help me. The alignment doesnt work properly.
Even the button you can see comes below the arrangement even though I want the button to be on the right side of the arrangement.

An old video but the principle is the same

How to position components on the screen video by Scott


Thanks for the reply @Boban, I know what was taught in the video but my doubt is this :-

  1. How to/Can we put the button on the right side of the arrangement?
  2. How to/Can we put another arrangement on the right side of this current arrangement?

Basically, can arrangements be besides one another or arrangements are meant to just give spacing?

Experiment that is the only solution


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if you want to make that vertical arrangement to center then you have to set screen properties to center

Thanks for the reply but I don’t have that option.
I don’t know why but I feel that is a problem in my apps only.
It’s a bug or something.

Does anybody have any clue of what’s going on??

Which option is missing??