Could not export app, firebase config file error

i could not export this apk file i tried everything and watched every topic in community tab but still cant solve this problem can any one please help me in exporting this apk…
aia file:-videokoll.aia (557.1 KB)

What’s the error that you are getting?

check your blocks

my blocks have 0 warnings

there are a lot of topics on this error pls search before posting - Search results for 'config error' - Kodular Community

In your google-services.json firebase url is missing.

  1. Delete the existing google-servies.json from your asset
  2. Go to firebase console (already uploaded this app mean, delete it)
  3. Add this app using exact app name (your app name is com.dzubair387.workmeet)
  4. finsih the formalities
  5. Download the google-services.json(if already present in your downloaded folder, pleas move it somehwere or delete it, if not it will rename)
  6. Now upload the newly download google-services.json in to the app asset and compile your app.(Name should be like this only google-services.json, app wont work if any extra letters present)


See your app working fine,


Note: I have deleted your app
I checked with my firebase googleservice and working fine. So this is your problem. You proceed what i suggest. All the best

Also delete the project bucket present in the designer mode


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