Count the number of character of a text in a text field

Hello everyone, I have a little question. I would like to count the number of character of a text in a text camp automatically. Ex: of the counter (160/1). If we get 160 Caratere the meter switches to two message therefore (161/2). Just put a clock that indicates how much if I am how much message or caratér.

use either this or that



Thank you, I test it then I keep you posted

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Here’s how my blocks are configured. How can I adapt your answer to the way my blocks are built please?

blocks (37)
blocks (36)

I would like the character count to be surrounded on this screenshot at the top. If you can guide me please

catch this value in a local variable(initialise length) and use the blocks as said above


if the length is less than 0r equal to 160
then set lable text to join( get length)(:1)
else set label text to join (get length)(:2)

sorry is error. i delete

also why do you use multiple web components? I feel really it doesnot need… Single web componet is enough to do all works using index method

I really don’t know very well. I learn, only little by little. This is why I have difficulty. If I can send you the AIS so that you really help me.

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sure… you can carry on…

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