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COVID-19 Analyser

This is the first app that i Sucessfully made in Kodular. A app that shows the Symptoms, Prevention,Global Statestic about the current world pandamic COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and more. As this app is made for India It is also Available in Hindi Language.

All the information is refered from WHO Refrences on Google

The Statistics are from the site covidvisualizer.



Download link: COVID-19 Analyser.apk - Google Drive

Thanks Deephost for
Inapp PDF Viewer Extension
Hyperlink Extension
and @hammerhai for
Draco (Flurry Analytics) Extension.

A big Thanks to Kodular :kodular: for Such a great Platform.
380+ Download Completed

AIA Link : COVID19ANALYZER.aia (1.6 MB)
This AIA is available at no cost. So if Anyone uses the AIA do give the credit for the app. It will be appreciated

If you liked my work you can consider donating :upside_down_face:


Awesome look :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Thanks…:wink: @Alapjeet_Singh_RK

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Any one who need AIA of this App may contact me.

nice app, but you cant upload it to play store so if you are selling aia, you have to be clear that you cant publish it on play store as policy of playstore we cant make apps on any disaster, etc.


Thanks @ImranTariq for compliment, I know that this kind of app can’t be uploaded to play store.

Thanks for the advice, l will keep it in mind.

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yes, because i have seen many Pm that apps are being suspended and users had a lot of hard work to collect/steal( :laughing:) data from other sites, some which used some api or manual systems to show data had a lot of work and they cant publish it, so i tried to clear everyone here that if you are going to make these apps you have to publish it some where else,

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So how corona cavaj & other this type related app was published

I understand we’re trying to spread awareness of the COVID-19. But I don’t recommend using a Webview in your app to other sites when we’ve all likely visited them during these sad times. Instead try APIs to show the data you’d like :).  Have fun!

Stay safe :heart:

Thank you for spreading the message to those who have seen it :). If you cannot upload it to somewhere like the Kodular Store (it’s dysfunctional like my life) or the Google Play Store (they’re mental), then just try Google Drive, Mediafire, or Mega… Try not to include keywords in your filename or descriptions.

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i have said as i have read policy and i have seen many suspended apps, and that question we can ask to google, like publish our apps too or delete that apps too :laughing:


Yes let’s strike on google play​:hugs:.we can build better app than govt devloper


After thinking on the topic. I am making it a Open Source Project.
Thanks for all the appreciation and support. :wink:


Striking on Google Play will no do anything, in fact they can leverage multiple more things on you if you do so. I’d just leave it alone and watch for updates on your local health officials sites :)… As said from a TikTok meme , “No need to shout”



Apk after new update of kodular:

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You are using any api

I am not using any api. Its a webpage opened in a webviewer.

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100+ Downloads completed

It’s not only link for downloading the app my friend @Mateja :wink:

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Which analytics you are using? Have you implemented it in your app?