Covid-19 Tracker app

Dear Team,

I try to create a app for covid-19 Tracker, but I am not able to add Search Option, i attached Aia file for reference.

Chartjs3.aia (225.5 KB)

Please post some screenshots of the app. What elements do you want to search? Do you have the elements as list?

I use dynamic component, and don’t know how to implement search option with it.

Actual App is on Screen2.

you might want to read this


Thanks for your concern Taifun, but I’m not going to upload on Play store, it is just for learning purpose.

Then why not learn how to add a search option too.
Search on community, you will find more reference to make customized search option.
Like : Custom Search Bar with Simple & Dynamic Listview | Guide - Guides / Resources - Kodular Community

Also, there is a couple of extensions like ListFinder by Atom Developer and Advance Search System by Jewel.

Searching first and learning from the community will help you more to develop good applications.