Be careful when making an app about the covid. The app is suspended

I have made an app that provides real-time information about the covid. I used an api (of the many that there are) to obtain the data.

Google has suspended the app because it seems that everything related to the coronavirus has to be done through some association or educational entity.

I uploaded my app again, taking out everything related to the covid, and they suspended it again…

Every suspension is a strike. Strike three, in theory, they cancel the developer’s account…

I’ll leave it here in case someone is thinking about making similar applications.


:scream: :scream: :scream:
No way. That’s way too unfair. They should change this to min. 5 or smth. like that idk really.

Why did you even try to release this app on Google Play?

You’re breaking their TOS so it’s hardly any wonder they suspended your app.


This was happened with me also 2 months ago. At that time i warned everyone to not publish apps related to corona.

Why not you searched about it on community.

You made a big mistake.

I had read somewhere that at first it couldn’t be done, but now it can. On April 16th, the policies changed and I didn’t really read them…

Only Governments or related Organisations can publish app on Covid19.


I also make the app for corona like information symptoms etc details but when i saw a news like Facebook and google blocked keywords (corona,covid19, etc) in search list then i hold to publish the app. i know there is no use if i publish app then 1st thing it will not show in search list and if google taken action on keywords then im sure they will take action on apps to which was not published by gov under taking.

Now im feeling happy that i hold to publish app…sometime Patience is good for us.


COVID-19 apps will only be removed from the Play Store if they are not certified by the government. I make private apps for myself only along with a private business, but I do not build apps referencing to COVID-19. If you are making an app referencing to COVID-19 for yourself or a specific set of people, these rules may vary. I don’t know if Kodular will allow anyone to build a COVID-19 app unless necessary.

but still they can be on apkpure :wink:

And APKMirror as well which should be illegal for the safety of other people. Some people do not have Gmail accounts to use the Play Store so they just use APKPure and APKMirror and instead just to install apps with.

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