Play store suspended app with 200k + downloads

App rank was in number one with most of related keywords. Per day more than 8k+ downloads

Publishing status: Removed
Issue: Violation of Metadata policy

Issue with your app

The app’s full and/or short description contains improper formatting

After submit changes They Suspended app.

change description and dont use same words again and again, save that and submit another version of app.

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after submitting changes they suspended.

May I ask what did you change from-and-to

Secondly, we can’t do anything about your app suspension


1st rejection email:
The app’s full and/or short description contains improper formatting: <Example : Group link app
Chat group link
rajasthan group link
group links groups link>

1:-I removed those and submit update
2:-i removed some more keyword and submit update
3:-I added some keyword and submit update
4:-I changed some keyword and submit update
total 4 update done

after 30 min i got suspended email.

What is the new update in your application?

I suggest you take a look at Google Play’s Metadata policy

Mentioned in that policy is the use of keywords, did you add keywords that are unrelated to your app and/or are repetitive?


It is because you have excess words related to your app, what Google is looking for is the best description for the person not for their robot, obviously the robot will detect this.

Your app is already positioned, the changes you have will have minor effects.

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Your app is just removed, not suspended

Follow this

No need to submit a new app, just update the older one (not the APK, but the store listing)

Sometimes I think people might believe the builder is part of Google or something. What do they expect Kodular to do about it?


Apparently fix their mistakes :man_shrugging:


many whatsapp group link application gets suspended you will never find a whatsapp group link app older than 2-3 years


I request Kodular to make a feature on App Test.
I know admob approval system.
Some apps don’t have ads and they don’t know whether their app is according to the play store policy or not.
Or can I submit my app on admob approval system without ads to know if my app follows play store policy

It is not Kodulars responsibility to make sure your app follows the rules of Google Play. It is the developers responsibility to follow them. If you have questions about those rules you should ask Google.


you should read first privacy policy of google.

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can I ask to google about a new type of app that I aspire to make.?
if you know then how i can do that.?


I should hire freelancers
I am saying Kodular can take a fee to test apps
This revenue gives support to Kodular platform
At the same time it is easy to submit apps for a developer and can have more trust on Kodular instead of giving aia to unknown.

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Yes login to adsense under support section you can create new thread and ask them about your app and monitization and you get reply from them its against her policy or not.

Yeah if kodular can make such type of system to check app for violation of Google Developer distribution agreement and other policy. This way user will make compliance app and also prevent developer console strikes.

this is developer(user) responsibility.
what if you take break and read google Privacy Policy.

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