My app sespend after the 2 month

My app is suspended after the update and goole send me that

But my app taking that permissions only not any device setting

What I can do that time

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It is good that Google suspended your app. Earning apps are not allowed by Google and Kodular. Looking at your post you don’t seem to understand what you did wrong. Maybe educate yourself on the topic.

You could loose your Google account and also your Kodular developer account.


I don’t know why you need full network access etc. but since it was an earning app I’m glad it was removed :smile:


Your app name is - SMS pay Earn Paytm Cash 100 rs daily . ( 100 rs =1.46 dollar )

your app name is enough to say why your app is suspended.


Just to inform, all apps made with :kodular: has this

But as others have already said, I totally agree with



Are you sure? For some reason when I compile my project into an .apk and install it on my device it only has 2 permissions (it’s incomplete though, there’s a lot of stuff to be added)

These two permissions are “Show on Lock screen” and “Start in background” which is probably because of OneSignal.

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Yes I am.

Btw, don’t you have a button or a menu where you can show all permissions


Yeah it’s the “App permissions” button but for some reason it has no permissions :thinking:

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Show all permissions


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These app permissions are related to phone, storage, messages, location and contacts.

Do you use them?

:sweat_smile: Nice, I didn’t know that. They show up now:

Are these permissions in compliance with Google Play Store ToS?


No not yet but I’ll use Google Account Picker and tinyDB soon.