Send sms and phone call problem in google play console


i use it this solution in my app

when i’d like send my test app to google play console all the time i have alert : The application has been rejected … i don’t why .

How should we know if you dont give any info?

my app have:

2 buttons and components ( phone call, texting, and start activity and Text_Box )

on email i did :

my permission in app


Remove phonecall and texting component if you use the activitystarter procedure.


i did it. all the time i have the same message from google.

What does your app do?

i give a party and i’d like to to invited my friends on my app

Show your blocks?

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Did you remove

from your app

yes, of course.

Since we only have partial information about your app we can only guess, do you have any extensions if so then list them

Even better if you share your aia so we can stop guessing

Do you have any older builds in your internal, alpha or beta release tracks?

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Hello…! I have the same problem, from the beginning I used the Activity Starter component, but I forgot to remove the call component, IT WAS MY ERROR …! , then I made the changes, I published it again and they suspended my APP.

My APP is a simple database with emergency numbers from my city from which you can call by clicking on the button for that number, obviously through the Activity Starter as indicated in the discussion.

I have another APP that accesses SMS through the Activity Starter with which I had no problem and it is published on Google Play, it is strange.

If anyone can help me … !

PorSiAcaso.aia (177.3 KB)

Focus in your Data Policy & Privacy that your declaring for using your app, explain how, when,what, why are you using the SMS/Call permission/action, it must be cleared becuase its very sensitive, specially when you are abusing and taking advantage for that method, it also suspended my app last year.