Phone call and google console play


i have extension background task which i uses to exoplayer in background. everything is work ok, but when i’d like my app send to google console play, i all the time my app is Publishing status: Rejected. I did various submit permision to google console play , but all the time is bad. what is bad ?

This is my last block:

They don’t accept apps with this permissions

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Adding on to @Boban’s answer…

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i need this extension - phone call - without When i listen radio and when call me phone, than i listen radio and phone call ( 2 in 1 )

Send your policy with why you use this permission and etc to play store they may allow you

thx for information. i tried it already, but all the time they don’t accept …

you can use activity starter for send call & sms

Try bit professional they may accept

i have another queation :slight_smile: . At present this solution work great on my phone - bigh thx @Atom_Developer for help. But when i send my app to google store, my app Publishing status: Rejected . in play console i submit please permission - default phone . How another permission i should submit to console ?

my app include extension phone call without active blocks in app.

Please , help.

I might be wrong but i think uou are not allowed to make phone calls in the background.

The reason is that you are using phone call component,you should use that with a proper reason.

proper reason ? key words. i don’t know how are correct permisions. i submit default phone - google wrong - i submit almost all difference permisions - difference setup permision but always i did wrong

I think you should open a different topic for it because it’s related to phone call component, background tasks is not the reason on rejection here

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I now moved this discussion into a new topic

It should have been moved here…

@80man I doubt you will get approval from Google for those permissions but feel free to reread the answers you have already received…

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