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hii kodular team please help me
i make a job search application and i put there calling option
and i publish this app on play store but play store send me message your app remove 9 march your app voilation our policy like, in your application is default call and sms please help me how to fix this problem ,i do not use any websit link i use only firebash component and phone call component
this is a my application link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Gulfwant.AnsariInfoTech please heck and help me kodular team

You are making direct calls or sms from your app? That is not allowed when you app is on Google Play.

do it like this


bro i am not use actvitiy startar i use phone call method,can do work your method

Google Play has started limiting the apps which requires SMS and Phone call access to protect the privacy and security of the users . So if you want to use the same, then you can do it with activity starter in the way @Peter suggested in his previous reply.

But I guess you didn’t read that reply properly. Read that again, and I am sure you will get solution.

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its only open message page with number and text but not sending sms !

But how do you get it to call directly without having to press the call button?

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You can’t do that anymore