Google Privacy Policy

I published my App on play store 1month gao. But now i am getting this message from google.

Please help me out.

Above is the message screen shot.

Does your app really need Call/SMS components? If no, simply remove them. Otherwise, you will have to fill up a form to request them to allow you to use the permission (very little possibility) mentioned in the screenshot.

More info here: Use of SMS or Call Log permission groups - Play Console Help

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Or use these blocks to use the phones standard call and sms apps. That is allowed by Google.

But i do not use Call/SMS components in my app. Should i upload my AIA files to you ?? So, that can be help you understand.

Post your blocks and a list of the components you use. Sharing aia isn’t necessary.

There are four screens. I have posted all one by one.


screen-01 screen-02 screen-03 screen-04

Try to remove unused extensions and components.

can you specify ??

I believe Peter’s suggestion could be a temporary workaround for preventing your app from being removed from Google Play while you find out which component is asking for those permissions so that can you remove it, if that’s the case.

I am totally blind to find that component because i don’t use any kind of component that collect CALL/SMS from user. Here is the AIA fileWoWIndianFoodRecipes123.aia (1.6 MB)