Getting rejected on Google Play Store

Greeting fellow Koders. I have a little problem publishing my app on Google Play Store, last time I published an app I didn’t get to tell about SMS core functionalities. My app is just a simple directory to get service providers and businesses that offer services so I am confused because I need to tick something, I am also sending a screenshot of my problem. Thanks in advance.

Would you please tell about the functionalities of your app? Also, it will be helpful if you add the Google Play link of your app. :slight_smile:

You will have to create a permissions screen clearly defines what permissions are requested and why, when use clicks on Agree (button), call permissions blocks and allow it. - After implementing this method retry you app will get approved.

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Your app doesn’t meet the anti-Sms phishing criteria, Show them your app is not use sms phising code.

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Please next time search before you ask. This has been asked many times before. Google doesn’t allow phone or sms send directly. They only allow it via the standard phone or sms app. See the solution below. Remove your phonecall component.

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