Today My Play console account has been terminated for some reason please help me

Today I receiver an email from google, Email like this

This is a notification that your Google Play Publisher account has been terminated.

REASON FOR TERMINATION : Multiple violations of the Developer Program Policies and Developer Distribution Agreement as outlined in previous emails sent to the registered email address of your Publisher account.

Google Play Publisher terminations are associated with developers, and may span multiple account registrations and related Google services.

You can visit the Developer Policy Center to better understand how we enforce Developer Program Policies. If you’ve reviewed the policy and feel this termination may have been in error, please reach out to our policy support team.

Please do not attempt to register a new developer account. We will not be restoring your account at this time.

The Google Play Team

Suspended App is here


Reson for Suspended

App1: We don't allow apps that lack reasonable sensitivity towards or capitalize on a natural disaster, atrocity, conflict, death, or other tragic event.

App2: We don’t allow apps that infringe on others’ trademarks. A trademark is a word, symbol, or combination that identifies the source of a good or service. Once acquired, a trademark gives the owner exclusive rights to the trademark usage with respect to certain goods or services.

App3: We don't allow apps that lack reasonable sensitivity towards or capitalize on a natural disaster, atrocity, conflict, death, or other tragic event.

Please give me a solution how can I back my account and kept safe.

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You can not i guess. Google is very strict with that. And since this is Google related you should ask them. Coronavirus apps have a history of being rejected, suspended. You could have known that if you had done some research. The reasons they give are very clear i guess. You are responsible for the apps you make.


You can not get your account back.

it really a big problem for a developer. Now, you can’t create another account. if you create another then, google will suspend this one also.

you can appeal to google to reactivate your account but i am not sure, that they will give your account back.

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what can I do now? Google told me this.

how much you earn from your all apps ?? (Tell the exact price)

$487.15 Only

Earning from a pandemic as Covid-19 is one of the reasons your account got terminated.


it really awesome.

Read this

you will get your answer surely

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The account will be restored automatically from google later?

You should ask them.

Did you get any warning from Goggle before or were the apps / account suspended immediately? Were these three apps your only ones on Google Play?

how many app suspension make a account to terminate
alredy i have 2 suspended app , next strike will terminate my account ?

As far as i know 3 strikes and you are out. But again. Google makes the rules so you could ask them.


I’ve had 14 apps on the Play Store for over 6 years. Three of my apps were recently suspended / removed (overnight and without prior warning) (allegedly a violation of Google’s “Repetitive Content” Policy).

I filed a complaint immediately. It took about 4 days for Google to respond and admit that my complaint (with slight restrictions) is legitimate. One app was then approved / listed again. As for the other apps, I’m still negotiating with Google (but they are playing deaf right now, I’ll turn to the next higher level).

I assume that my apps fell victim to a new Google algorithm that was activated more or less randomly. Despite multiple inquiries, Google was unable to explain what exactly are / were the criteria that my apps did not meet.

With two of these apps, I made more than 60,000 € in sales. So Google also earned quite well. Strange times …


I want to know from google.

Google can reject or suspend apps. If I do violence, Google will reject or suspend my app. Why do close the account? Google does not do justice with us. What do you think?

then ask Google
this is the Kodular community and not Google
I will close this thread